Shiping Products

Precious Vanity can send products to customers all over Greece, Europe and USA, Canada, Australia, Asia. Later on there is a an analytic review of the different delivery charges according to each destination.

All orders will be sent to each customer within the 2-3 days taking in consideration the availability of the product in our stock. Precious Vanity will not be held responsible in any possible delay on the delivery of your product in cases of customs delay due to different national policies or natural disaster .  Any cancellation of the purchase once the delivery process has begun will not be acceptable. All packages delivered will demand your signature during the delivery on the courier voucher. Once you have kindly concluded with your purchase, you will receive a confirming e-mail from Precious Vanity that your order has been received.

Sending – Receiving Products
The delivery of your products is realized with the kind services of the ACS courier company or the ELTA.

Deliveries to Cyprus

Deliveries to Cyprus are free of charge and the product care send with the ELTA. The delivery time is approximately 2-3 working days.
There is also the option of delivering the product with ACS courier company with collect and delivery method. The approximate delivery time is 2-3 working days.