Nick Raptopoulos is Greek and was born in Thessaloniki. His involvement with high end jewellery design and manufacturing began in 1980 and his commitment to do whatever he does only with passion led him to the creation of numerous jewellery creations that have always charmed and inspired women. His creative love for simple lines and colors combined with his perfect knowledge of precious stones,pearls and all the possible materials that can be used in jewellery guided his internal and instictive talent to materializing fascinating jewellery that was destined to amaze every eye during the last 30 years. Until today Nick Raptopoulos conceives his jewels thanks to a mixture of imagination, skill and knowledge.

Due to the latest change of the   general economic circumstances, the company turned to less expensive yet equally precious materials which released the designer's imagination and broke any border in jewellery design and finally led to the creation of several new extremely fascinating and particular jewellery collections. Precious Vanity jewellery creations and Objects of Art can nowadays be found at more than 700 selling points in Greece and abroad.

Both Nick and his son Konstantinos Raptopoulos share the same passion for art and jewellery.

Konstantinos being born in a jewelers' family and strongly backed up by his father's personal     love for creation, began at a very early age to observe, search and innovate in anything he was involved with. He excibited his first personal paintings at the age of 15 while a student at the American college of Thessaloniki.Consequently, right after high school he was accepted with a scholarship to study painting and sculpture at the famous Kent School of Arts in the United Kingdom. Florence,Italy was his next artistic stop where he studied Jewellery design at the 'Le Arti Orafe' Academy which he graduated from with several awards.

Konstantinos is an artist of contemporary jewellery and his aesthetic instict led to the take off of the family company to a greater level.

Precious Vanity desings are quite modern and innovative.Starting from a simple sketch, the designer is furtherly assisted by the best of jewellery manufacturing machines and computer programs that exist in the field and all lead to a fascinating final creation. Laser, Cutting Machines, CNC Routers and custing machine are all at the service of materializing perfect and top quality jewels that are always faithful to Precious Vanity's principals that are characterized by passion for jewellery, thorough knowledge and peristent attention to details.