Fancy Rings Collection


A collection of rings that are necessary for every stylish woman.
A ring characterized by its simple but still powerful design,that can be worn in 3 different ways and be combined with 12 amazing colorful choices.Choose 'fancy' and express your 'vanity' self at its best!Swarovski elements and synthetic mother of pearl embraced by gold plated silver

Zoo Collection


Our ‘little funny faces’ treasured companions for evey one. Charm and positive energy at its best looks! They are chosen by celebrities since they are themselves. It’s the smartest gift for young  spirits!

V Rings


New unique materials which meet with our innovative jewellery designs enter in an elegant and minimal way in the Precious Vanity world.The 'V' jewellery collection expresses an avant-garde combination of synthetic mother of pearl and swarowski elements.

Charleston Collection


1920, South Carolina USA...the Charleston era! Dresses, haircuts and a characteristic style all stigmatized by an unforgettable dance! Grace, enthusiasm and sensuality ...all captured in a dancing delirium just for two!

Anatolia Collection

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‘Metamorfosis’ could be as well the name of this collection , since they can truly transform a simple look into a glamorous and shining presence. Simply wear them!

Babylon Collection


Impessive rings and jewelry of great impact that attract glances and enthousiastic  comments wherever you may stand.