Questions & Answers

I am a new customer and need some help on how to order online

Our goal is to create a unique experience of online shopping that’s effortless and pleasant. Each client is very important to us so the necessity of creating  a pleasant e-shop was demanding  and one way direction.

Online shoping  has never  been the easiest of tasks, later on we will provide you with a step by step guide to help you place your order on our e-shop.
1) Details of a product
Once you find a product that seems to interest you, try clicking on the image to enlargen it and view the details of additional characteristics of the product, price, etc.
2) My cart
If you are pleased with the product of your choice, you can now choose the quantity you prefer and add it on your cart. At this point you could choose to keep on your shopping or just finish for today and conclude your purchase by choosing the packaging ,  dispatching  and ways of payment.
3) Checkout
At this stage you will have to give us data to proceed with your order and deliver the goods to you. The data necessary will be your name, delivery address and charges (can differ), etc. Once you are satisfied so far you could proceed on the next step of payment.
4) Place your order
At this point on you can give your personal details to conclude your payment. Simply fill in the details of the payment method you prefer, and once we acquire your details you can simply rely on us doing the rest for your convenience. Your vanity product should arrive to the address of your choice the soonest possible.

Could you send my Vanity product anywhere?

We can, for more information please look up for Delivery Information.

Which are the available payment methods?

We accept all known credit cards( Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Diners Club etc) and interest free monthly installments through your credit card if you prefer, as well you could make a deposit on our company account. In any circumstance you could contact our professional team, and talk on any question you might have and solve any potential difficulty the best and most convenient way on your behalf.

How long is the delivery time?

Our goal is to deliver the product to you within 3 to five days through the services of the company ACS. In case of any reason we cannot guarantee the delivery of your product within this time  , we will contact you through the phone abruptly

How long do I have, to return a product I have purchased  from  Precious Vanity e-shop ?

Us, the team of Precious Vanity is a very dedicated group of professionals, whose goal is your total satisfaction each time you choose to purchase a Precious Vanity product. We wisely consider the possibility of returning a product for your own personal reasons. For more information please look for ProductsReturn.

Could I return a Vanity product, change it with another one or have instead a refund

For more information please look Return Policy

Are the payments through your website safe?

Our website has been designed to take precautions to secure your personal data. For example, you will need your need your email and your personal code to view your personal data on your computer. Our website is also using information encryption through our server and yours. In case there is no activity for a considerable time , our website will disconnect you and will just have to sign in again by adding your email and personal code.
In order to be able to provide you with the best possible services we might need to keep some information for our behalf regarding for example, the product you chose , the billing address and information on the delivery of the product. We guarantee the security of these data and will keep them classified from any company or third party. The Precious Vanity stores honor and respect your trust and will make everything possible to satisfy your needs.

Could you send me the product I purchased to another designated address?

The product you have purchased can be send anywhere, besides the address of the person that has concluded a purchase ( available only for those who use the credit card method). This choice gives you the opportunity of sending a gift to your loved one, right in front of hers/his doorstep. Nevertheless the account will be send to the address of the credit card owner.

How can I contact with you ?

The team of Precious Vanity is available to hear your every desire and offer you their expertise and help. You can contact us in different ways.

E-mail: You can contact us any time through your e-mail to our e-mail and we will respond the soonest possible.
For more information please look Contact.
By phone: Please call 00302310318031,  Monday  to Friday from 12am- 3am and a member of our team will be pleased to talk to you and help you.

Will I receive a receipt of purchase with the product?

Every product send from a Precious Vanity store, comes with a purchase note which provides a purchase receipt. This receipt includes information such as the name and address of the customer , the product(s), price, and the final price. Please keep your purchase receipt in case of a product return.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is the safest and easiestway to make online payments. Use your credit card without using your ID or address. In order to use Paypal you will have to create an account firsthand.

How can I find information on your shops, time schedules, address, etc.?

Please for that information check on our website OurShops, and will make your purchase a pleasant and unique experience..

Is the product I desire to buy available for purchase?

In case the product you desire to purchase on our e-shop, shows that  there is none available in stock, please send as an e-mail with the appropriate information of the product and we will contact with you the soonest possible to help you with your request. You can also call as on the phone, please look Contact us for more information.